Frequently Asked Questions

By joining the EDM Community, all members have the chance to earn points known as VIBE points for their contributions.  Contributions can be from subscribing to paid services or by adding content.  You can add content by answering member questions or even ask one yourself.  There are a lot of ways you can earn VIBE Points.  Add a listing to our Directory, vote, make reviews, chat with other members, etc.

Point system can be found here or click button below.

Social Cards are important for businesses. Businesses that are connected with the major social communities can deliver Personalized Social Cards automatically when their links are mentioned. Social Cards are like Baseball cards. It has a summary of the the person or business. There are also media cards that can be displayed. This is very important for DJs that want to spotlight YouTube videos or other media.

Once your listing is Verified and Claimed, you can add SoundCloud links.

If you waited over 3 days to become verified, please contact us to resolve any issues with your identity.

If you changed your identity after being verified, you must get re-verified.

First you must become a Verified DJ member.

Go to Dashboard.  Click Add Listing from the right side of the page.  You should see Club Directory and DJ Directory options.  Click on DJ Directory.

Select a plan from the 3 types of services offered. Free Basic listing which identifies you as a DJ and will post your contact information.  Monthly Featured Plan which puts your listing at the top of Basic listings.  And the VIP, which will give you the bells and whistles of our services to include our promotional Landing Page built by SEO Webmasters.

After adding your information into the Directory, you can purchase the “Feature” add-on from the Owner Dashboard.  Your listing will be listed above all FREE listings.

We monitor our site for spam and irregular publishing of content.  After being notified of those activities, an account will be blocked if corrections are not taken to improve account behaviors.

If you think our decision was a mistake, then please contact us and we will try to help resolve the issue.  As humans can make mistakes, we will apologize in advance if we blocked your account for causes other than spam or irregular publishing of content.

Clubs can add a feature to their listing called “Contact Us”.  This is a paid add-on which requires a verified owner of the listing to make this option available to the public.  Once active, the public can submit leads, questions, resumes, and other direct contact questions through our site to the listing’s owner.  For DJs, they have a special feature when submitting through the listing’s “Contact Us” form.  DJs can provide Video references.  The benefit of having video media as references can be a deciding factor in the hiring process.  This feature captures lead, questions, resumes, and other information on our site for listing owners to review.

DiscoTek Club International is Niche driven & Socially connected for people interested in discovering EDM (Electronic Dance Music).  A concise club directory provides the public with quick viewing access to get connected.  Reviews from our directory adds value to the level of trust.  And our VIP service is like no other directory service for modern clubs.

We customize a landing page on our domain for any VIP member that wants to extend their marketing strategy.  This landing page is SEO optimized on a dedicated secured server.  The web considers trust and security as factors for good businesses.  The VIP Plan is the ultimate service for increasing rankings and traffic.

DiscoTek is focused on modern clubs that offers a variety of music styles related to Electronic Dance Music.  Any other type of club styles in the older genre such as 70’s Disco should not apply to our listings.  This site is provided to give the public a concise listing based on our current category styles listed here.  More styles will be added upon request.