DJ Review System | Energy | Creativity | Transitions | Interactive

We are delighted to introduce a review system for EDM DJs and their audiences. We believe in constructive criticisms and built a simple system to deliver feedback to performers. Reviewers can rate up to 5 stars for each of the following:

1. Energy – the total atmosphere to include the music, special effects, and audience participation.

2. Creativity – how much new material is introduced into the mix. There should be a balance between what is trending and what should be considered unique. Sometimes the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind. If the audience is familiar with something, then it will be tough to change it. Negative results will put the audience in a questionable state of mind. Some popular DJs can set new trends as they have already made their initial impression.

3. Transitions – when the music flows smoothly between tracks.

4. Interactive – how much does the DJ communicate by voice, body, or even eye contact.

Visit our DJ Directory to Search your favorite EDM DJ(s) and give them the reviews they deserve. Once reviews are generated, a visual graph will display the results for both the DJs and audience to view.

If your favorite EDM DJ is not listed, then message us and we will try to get them on board.

Thank you for participating!